The Melbourne RoboCats is an all-girl FRC team founded in October 2014. For the first two years the team was based at KDS in Amadale. Participation by the Melbourne RoboCats in the FRC only became a reality through the generosity of the:

who provided funding to our team via the FIRST Rookie Grant, which was awarded to the team late 2014. We are indebted to not only these three seed sponsors, but to all our sponsors and supporters who made it possible for our team to compete in the inaugural 2015 FIRST Robotics Australia Regional Competition and then in subsequent events. Since that first season, other sponsors have come on board.

After the second season, the Robocats moved to their current home in the Factory of the Future at Swinburne University of Technology in Hawthorn.

The Rookie Season: Recycle Rush

The challenge for the first season was RECYCLE RUSH challenge was released on 3rd January and the team met for the first time on Monday 12th January.

You can watch an explanation of the challenge here:


Despite all of the obvious challenges confronting a rookie team, a working robot was completed.

Our robot, Cat-a-Tonic; pretty cool, eh?


The tournament in Sydney was an amazing experience. Seeing our robot move around, and picking up totes, and scoring were all exciting achievements; and something that back in early January we never would have dreamed of. And to top it off we received the Judges’ Award as a Rookie team as an acknowledgment for what our team had achieved.

Sharing the Judges’ Award with our amazing mentors


The FRC Australian Regional Tournament 2016: Stronghold

The 2016 competition was the first Stronghold. The competition included boulders, defenses and castles. The first 15 seconds were autonomous meaning that it must be programed. The robots start by crossing the defences. If robot crosses the defences twice the robot earns more points. After that, the robot will shoot balls into the castle to weaken it. In the last 15 seconds robots are allowed to scale the tower.

You can watch an explanation of the challenge here:


During the build season we got together and brain stormed ideas for how to complete this challenge. Our build season culminated in our trip to the Olympic area in Sydney where we competed in alliances, against teams from around Australia and the pacific region.

A highlight of the competition was when lead mentor Milorad Cerovac won the Woodie Flowers Award.

The FRC Australian Regional Tournament 2017: Steam works

You can read all about the 2017 challenge on the News page.