The RoboCat’s went up to Houston to participate in the world champion. one of our main sponsors, Swinburne, supported us in going up to Houston along with Ford Australia, Inveteech, Boeing, Salesforce.org, BAE System, Rockwell Automation,  On the first day, a handful of people went in to the pits to unpack the robot and set up the pits.

On the second day the competition began. After our first match we noticed we had a problem with the climbing device. We kept trying to fix it. Eventually we went to a practice field finding out what was wrong and how long it takes the robot to climb up the rope. We found out that we needed to change the motor on the climbing device. Although we did eventually find out about this we had fallen down the ladder.

One of the teams invited us to lunch with a team. We learnt about how they made it to Houston. We talked and learnt about the different cultures. We had fun talking and eating lunch until we had to go back for a match.

On our last day the groups and prizes were announced. Although we didn’t make an alliance we had fun competing in the world championship. That night we went to Minute Maid Park this is where the finals were held. We went to watch the finals for the First Tech Challenge and First Robotic Competition. Through the finals different videos were shown and different people speaking, such as Will I Am. Will I Am’s speech was very inspirational to listen to. Going up to Houston was amazing with different experiences and new people to meet.

The RoboCat’s are looking forward to the next build season.